Monday, August 15, 2011

Michigan Vacation Part 7: Lake Superior

After the hot day, we headed to Lake Superior.  But by the time we had got there, it had already cooled down a considerable amount.  A few of us put our feet in, but only Josh and Logan got completely in the lake.  Lake Superior is the farther north lake of the great lakes and is known as being the coldest...and it is :)  Here are a few pictures:

I love lighthouses, so of course...

The beach.  It had lots of sand, but also some trees and sticks.  A nice beach overall though:

The ran in and froze.  They were in there for longer than I would have thought they'd be.  They said it wasn't bad, but then again, they are male.  They froze when they got out though.

Brayden really wanted to get in the water, but it was just too cold.  He settled on playing in the sand.

The sunburn is from days before...OUCH!...but here we are right before we left.

No pictures of anyone else because they all stayed far away from the sand and water.  After this day, we had been in three of of the five Great Lakes! 


  1. I love Lake Superior...most Americans never experience that area. Their loss!

  2. love all your posts about your trip- I need to make a trip up north before it gets too cold!