Thursday, August 11, 2011

Michigan Vacation Part 4: Beach Day

I know, I know...More about my Michigan trip.  Well, suck it up because I'm thinking I have at least 3 more posts after this one.  So, I think this was on Monday, July 18th (Happy B-Day Nichole)...We took this day pretty easy but had a blast.  In the morning, we went down to the Ojibwa Native American Museum.  Karri and I rode our bikes down there (about a mile) and it rained on us!  Really the only part of the whole day that it rained.  It was still fun.  We met everyone else down at the museum.  It was a really really small museum and not that great of a museum, but here are a few pictures:

Not sure how this one got in here.  This is Dad & Brayden at Lake Huron:

Jared & Darcy outside the museum:

Logan getting speared:

Logan again:

Grandpa got a little bored too and join Logan & I outside:

After the museum, we all headed down to the beach.  It was a perfect beach day.  Perfect weather, decent waves, not crowded and clean water.  Not all of us went swimming, but everyone was there.  It was fun.

After the beach and getting all cleaned up, Dad wanted to go to some scenic spots and get some pictures.  So just the five of us here went.

Then the same five of us plus Grandpa & Darcy went for a walk downtown and bought our ferry tickets for the next day...(Everyone else went to see Harry Potter)


  1. Awww, you got to keep Darcy for awhile. She is a happy girl!

  2. Looks like such a fun trip--and I've gotta say, you + a baby carrier looks so natural! :) {wink, wink}