Thursday, June 26, 2008


YEAH!!! I have just finished another class! I feel sooo relieved! That class was COMPLETELY boring. It may just be the most boring class I have had in college, but that's ok because I am done with it! I probably won't be as happy when I find out what I made in the class though. The final was comprehensive and I studied for maybe an hour! That's ok though! I know only have one class to finish in my college career! My last day of class for that one is July 23! I am almost there! It's so hard to be motivated to study when the end is so close and you are doing it in the summer! I can't wait to be done with school even though I have no idea what is up next for me.

The only other exciting thing that has happened is that we have signed up for Netflix! I am already in love with it. Movies is one of my biggest hobbies (if you want to count it as such a thing)! I love going to the movies, watching movies at home, renting, buying....basically anything that has to do with movies I love! So, I started on Monday and have already gotten my first movie and dropped it in the mail this morning! Have I mentioned how much I love it yet? We got "Juno" as our first movie. I hadn't seen it yet but had heard great things about it! I really liked it too. It was a GREAT independent film! Oh and I have also bought two movies from them since Monday! Their used DVDs are at an excellent price and I LOVE buying movies. I used the excuse that they were either a late Father's Day present or an early birthday present for Josh.

No new news about where we will be headed. Hopefully, we will hear something on Monday! Hope you all have a great day!


  1. Oh, we totally loved Juno! All those independant films are good (for the most part) And we are loving our Netflix as well! Congrats on finishing your class, and don't forget C's get degrees!

  2. yeah! I looove Netflix! Its so exciting when I check the mail and find new movies in there. The adrenaline rush is I just got Flight Plan, The Bucket List, In The Land Of Women, and The Sisterhood Of The Traveling Pants. So far I have only seen In The Land Of Women. And it was sooooo good. I highly recommend it. Right now I am doing the free 2 week trial. So I picked the 4 at-a-time deal, since it was free anyway. I'll be sad to switch back to 1. lol..but who knows, maybe I'll upgrade later. Anyway..yeah...yay for Netflix!

  3. I love Netflix too! We have had it since Noah was born- I got it because I knew I'd be home alot. I was so glad I did! I love how convenient it is. And thats so funny you got Juno- I'll be getting that one in the mail tomorrow- cant wait to see it!