Monday, June 9, 2008

Happy Birthday Logan!

I just wanted to take today to tell my little brother, Logan, Happy Birthday! Today he turns 19 years old! Kind of crazy to think about! Growing up, he was my only sibling that was younger than I; therefore, the only one I could really pick on. We fought probably more than cats and dogs but as we have both matured, he is the BEST brother and one could ask for. If you need help with ANYTHING, even scorpions, he is there willing to help! Thanks for everything Logan! And Happy Birthday to YOU! I hope this one is one of the best. Our Mom is out of town, so I took it upon myself to do something with my other siblings in Stillwater to celebrate his birthday. It's turning out to more of a hassle, but it's all worth it if it makes Logan have a good birthday. Happy Birthday Logan!

Sorry for the nasty picture, but it's the only one on my computer that has both Logan and I in it.

Well, as for our weekend, it was pretty much exactly like I thought it was...BORING! We just sat and cuddled on the couch watching a movie on Friday. On Saturday, we both went to work. I came home early though because I just wasn't feeling well. So, all I did on Saturday was sleep and watch "Harry Potter." On Sunday, Josh grilled some AWESOME steaks and I made mashed potatoes and stuffing! It was a GREAT dinner. We worked on a puzzle all this weekend and finished it late last night. That is pretty much our weekend. How was yours?


  1. Wow you're already an 80 yr old couple. Already doing puzzles on a Saturday night and going to bed by 7 pm!...haha

  2. Laugh it up Shawnee, I'm sure you and James will be knitting matching sweaters by your second week of marriage. Fagmo. :)

    Anyway Dina, what'd you guys end up doin for Logans b-day? (Tell 'em I said happy b-day!) Thats cool that you and Josh just hung out and chilled. Enjoy the opportunity to just sit around and enjoy silence...its something I really miss! lol. Anyway Dev and I went out with his parents for dinner this weeknd. We took his mom out for a belated mothers day present. Were such procrastinaters. Anyway after that we rented "Mamas Boy". It was sooo funny! I highly recommend it (I know you like watching moves as much as I do) I am thinking about getting Netflix. Jamie has it and she really likes it. Its so much cheaper than renting movies. And they come right to you. Amazing. Ok..I think I am starting to leave you a blog entry and not a comment. So I'll wrap things up. Cant wait to see you!!

  3. Happy Birthday Logan! So I've only met him once but he was a way nice kid (yes, 19 to me is still a kid!)Sounds like you're weekend was exciting as ours, except for you yummy steaks! We had a pot roast on Sunday that was pretty good so I won't complain! Hope the sibling party came together and was a lot of fun!