Monday, June 23, 2008

Nothing too exciting!

Ok, so i know most of you might think that I change my blog template quite a bit, but I just can't help it. I was looking on the Cutest Blog on the Block and they have tons of new ones that I hadn't seen yet! They are all WAY cute. It took me forever to choose which one I wanted to use. i was first going to use one for the Fourth of July, but that's still like 2 weeks away and I thought that I might wait a week or two before using on of them in case I get bored.

So, this last week has been completely boring for the both of us. Other than Josh going to his first interview, but we already know about that. This weekend was a pretty boring one too. On Saturday, I worked and Josh with the help from his friend Evan, worked on tearing down a barn. On Saturday, we also learned that we owe about twice as much is our car is worth (trade-in value). That knowledge definitely puts a damper on things. Sunday, I taught our primary and I thought it actually went pretty good with a few exceptions but we won't get into those.

This week will hopefully be pretty good. We find out how Josh did on the MCAT tomorrow!! I am way excited! Once we know the score, then we can hopefully plan a few more things in our life! Another exciting thing that happens this week, is that my EXTREMELY boring class ends!!! I can't wait to get this class over with. Only on more lecture and a test! I do have one more class though. It will be done at the end of July, but it's not near as bad as this other one!

This weekend, we planned some of the rest of our summer out. We are going to be really busy for the rest of the summer. We are thinking of going up to Idaho for the 4th of July, but we're not sure yet. If we don't go, then we will be going camping with my family. We really want to make it out to Idaho this summer and this may be the ONLY weekend that we can go before Josh starts school (hopefully anyways). We do want to wait though because we want to be able to see our new niece who is expected to come into this world later in July. So, we will just have to wait and see what ends up happening. (We are of course waiting for the MCAT score to make our decision.) The next weekend, Josh has an interview in Cleveland and I am throwing my sister's wedding shower! So that will be a busy weekend. The weekend after that is Josh's Birthday!!!! We are going to try to do a Josh-Birthday Party/Dina-Graduation Party that Saturday at our landlord's backyard with the really nice swimming pool! Then the weekend after, my sister, Shawnee, and James are getting married!!! After that, who know where we will be. Hopefully right after the wedding, we will be leaving to go to a podiatry school! But we don't know! We will definitely keep you posted on his schooling! Ok, I guess I will stop rambling. Sorry for the boring post! Next time, I will know Josh's MCAT score though and we might know a little more of what we are doing! YEAH!!!

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  1. Can't wait see how Josh did/see where you guys are headed! How exciting! Andrew told me you guys were going to be here in August! But man, if I could get this little girl here by the 4th of July, I would be all for that! I'll see what I can do :) I change my blog background all the time too! You're life is not boring, it's definetly more exciting than mine, for the time being anyways! Keep us psoted!